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Field Guide Ranger

New to user research? Check out our guide to Getting Started with User Research


Field Guide works throughout your design process

Learn more about User Research
  • Ethnographic research

    Interview your customers to understand their needs, thoughts, and jobs to be done.

  • Prototypes & wireframes

    Bring in any mobile Invision, Marvel, and Framer prototype you want to test.

  • Usability tests

    Watch a customer interact with your product in real-time.

  • Competitive research

    Test live or in-development websites across all mobile devices.

Field Guide in a nutshell

Learn how to do User Research as you go

Throughout Field Guide we have integrated all our Medium posts to make sure you know how to best approach each part of the user research process.

Quickly share research learnings with your team

Build a report as you go by identifying insights and issues during your testing.

Share learnings with your team immediately after you finish researching, while the information is still fresh.

Check out a sample report

Take better notes

The notes you take during research are automatically organized for you.

All you need to do is summarize and share them with your team.

See your users in context, remotely or in person

No more laptop hugging. See exactly what your users see without lurking over their shoulder.

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