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Features & Use

How can I get help on using Field Guide?

We use Slack to handle customer support. If you're looking for help, all you have to do is click here to sign up for access to our channel, and let us know what your problem is.

How do I get my Prototypes or Websites into Field Guide?

I'm glad you asked—this is actually one of the coolest features of Field Guide! You can use Field Guide to see exactly what a test participant is doing. Download the Field Guide app (Sorry! iOS-only for now, coming soon to an App Store near you!) on your testing device. If you are testing remotely, tell the test participant to download the app ahead of time.

How do I connect the device to my test?

When testing that Project in Field Guide, you'll be asked to enter a Room Number. Once the app is installed on your device, look for the Room Number on the app's homescreen. If you're testing remotely, ask your participant for their Room ID. Add the Room ID in your test, and the two will sync—your mobile device and the web app are now paired!

I'm having trouble with the iOS app.

Join us on our support Slack channel and someone will help you diagnose your problem.

Why isn't my mobile or tablet InVision prototype working?

When you generate a share link in InVision, click on “more options”, then turn off “Force 'Add to homescreen'”. It should work correctly after that.

How can I get my Framer mobile or tablet prototype into Field Guide?

Easy! In the newest version of Framer Studio (1.9.7+) you can just hit the Share button in the top right of the application widow. This should generate a URL for you and automatically open it in your default browser, simply copy that URL and paste it into the Prototype input when creating a Project.

Can I use a Marvel prototype in Field Guide?

Definitely—just copy the URL that Marvel provides and paste it into the Prototype input when creating a Project.


What is a Project?

A Project is a container for all of your tests and test results. Say you're testing a new user flow in a mobile app—your Project might be called New User Flow. You can test a single Project with users as many times as you'd like—the test results will be automatically organized for you.

What is a discussion guide?

A discussion guide is the set of questions that you want to ask test participants, or actions you'd like them to perform. In Field Guide we call those questions or actions topics.

What are topics?

If your Project is a book, think of topics like its chapters. For example, let's say you're testing out your site's new homepage. One topic might be “comprehension”—does the user understand the page's contents? Another topic might be “registration”—is the user able to find the sign-up portion of the page and adequately register? How you define topics is completely up to you. After using Field Guide a few times, you'll discover what works best for you and your team.

What is a #tag?

A tag is a particular subject or issue that is discussed often or repeatedly during your tests, and is tracked in Field Guide using the # symbol, like hashtags on Twitter. Maybe a lot of your test participants have difficulty discovering where to sign-up? When you take notes related to this particular difficulty, you can add the hashtag #signup to link those notes together.

What is a report?

A report is the organized output of all the tests that you've run, in a single Project. Think of it like a project's summary. Reports can be shared freely within your company, or sent to clients. You don't need a Field Guide account to view reports.

Payment & Plans

How much does Field Guide cost?

Field Guide is free during the beta. We'll be updating the pricing as we get closer to a final release.

What if I want to delete my account?

To close your account email us at Don't worry, we'll be fixing this to be a little easier in the full release.

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